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Meat's test blog

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Day 2 - heater
  Meat, Jan 12 2008

I have played about 1500 hands today and yesterday night and ran good. The regulars on cryptologic seem very exploitable, at least at 50NL and everything is payed off. It's funny that when you 3 bet in position, they narrow your possible range to AA. Unfortunately I'm not getting many interesting situations, so I'm looking to move up to NL100. I plan on doing this when my bankroll is $2000,- mixing up a few nl50 with nl100 tables. Now I got about $1400,-

I feel like my basics are getting in shape, but i must be sitting on a huge heater right now as well, as you can in the graph:

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Starting from scratch
  Meat, Jan 11 2008

I haven't played much poker in the last 2-3 years, but I'm trying to make a comeback! Though I've been yelling this for almost the same time as I have quit though, this time it will be serious My goal is not to become a high stakes pro but to get a better understanding of the game and be able to destroy the midstakes. Also being a player myself will give me more ideas on useful LP features.

This is my plan:
- Play poker for about an hour per day
- Start from $1000,-
- No donating on limits that I can't handle so start from the bottom (25NL)
- Loose bankroll management, when I know I'm ready skillwise for the next limit I will move up until the amounts get substantial for me.
- Bother everyone on my msn list for advice(and LP too of course ).

So far I have made a deposit of 1k on sunpoker to get rakeback and also because they got really soft games. To get the basics sharp I started playing 25NL, but played way to agressive and adding a few setups I got dropped to $800 quickly. So I decided to play more standard tight aggressive and opened up a few 50NL tables as well and am able to beat those tables fairly easy. The sample size is really small but I will keep on 50NL for some time. My bankroll is around $1040 now.

Yay some graph:

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  Meat, Oct 31 2007


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